Brendan Herger

Hey, I'm Brendan

Hey there! I'm a Machine Learning Engineer, and a founder of Capital One's Center for Machine Learning.

In my (little) spare time, I enjoy bike riding, baking soufflés, play video games, and traveling. My recent adventures have included Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Mt. Fuji, Portland, LA, New Orleans, Las Vegas and quite a few other journeys!

As a founding member of Capital One’s machine learning group, I have lead machine learning efforts by scoping, implementing, and delivering projects. Responsibilities have included training models, translating business needs to project plans, providing code reviews, and guiding & coordinating team members. Projects have included:

  • Subpoena Automation: Developed a patent pending framework for automatically triaging, classifying, and extracting information from unstructured legal documents, leveraging Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning

  • Authorization Fraud: Developed tree based models to catch fraudulent credit card swipes, with an emphasis on class imbalance and identifying new attack vectors. Deployed models in a sub-millisecond streaming pipeline

  • Insider Threat: Coordinated engineering and modeling efforts to find employees acting maliciously or illegally, by building a holistic employee data lake and deploying models for employee churn and data exfiltration

I've also worked with a variety of technologies:

  • Modeling: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Class Imbalance

  • Languages / Software Engineering: Python (preferred), Java (prior exp.), Scala (prior exp.), shell, SQL, GitHub

  • Frameworks: Keras (TensorFlow), Python data ecosystem (Pandas, Numpy, SK-Learn), NLTK, Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS,Yarn, Hive, Spark), AWS

  • Project Management: Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Agile, Jira